Hello there, attractive and obviously highly intelligent user of the Internets!

Welcome back to the ALL NEW, ALL AWESOME Ultimate X: The Comic website! Or alternatively... welcome for the first time. WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FIND IT!?

With pleasantries now out of the way, here's everything you need to know:

Ultimate X is a webcomic that ran from May 15th, 2005 to July 1st, 2009. Upon completion it totalled 200 pages.

It started when a handful of members on a now defunct comics forum suggested I make a webcomic after noticing HILARIOUS drawings I'd occasionally upload. Those members and I became the characters. I kicked things off with this strip. Some months later a plot eventually followed... I assume. If you figure out what it was, let me know.

Originally hosted on Drunkduck, our own site followed. Late '09 or early '10 the site died a good honourable death (read: we didn't pay the host and couldn't get our files back). BUT! Like a cliché rising from the ashes, we've RETURNED!

This NEW site is here as an archive of the comics, and multimedia associated with Ultimate X. For now there are no plans to add any more pages, but the odd animation or interactive may pop up in the future.

The comics are also collected in three print volumes - *cough*PLUG*cough* - Two are printed in full colour, with both containing additional short stories not available on the web. The third is a black and white reprint of all 200 comics and the bonus strips, as a cheaper alternative.

Hope you enjoy perusing the archive. Feel free to send me any feedback. Seriously, even hate mail. I JUST WANT TO KNOW YOU'RE READING!

-- Mike